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Creating Lasting Memories: Where to Have Your Family Photo Session

family sitting in sunroom

Where you choose to have your photoshoot plays a huge role in creating lasting memories, and sometimes, the best location for your photoshoot is your own home.  



  • In-home sessions eliminate travel hassles. You won't need to worry about loading the car and getting somewhere on time—I’ll come to you.

  • You are within reach of any essentials you may need: a snack for the kids, easy potty breaks, or a comforting toy.

  • Don't forget about those pets! They are family, too, and with an in-home session, you can easily include them in your photos.


Your home reflects your personality, resulting in more genuine and intimate photographs.

With everything readily available and no need to worry about transportation or packing a bag of essentials, you can focus on enjoying the experience and capturing genuine moments.

little girl sits with her grandparents

This session has been one of my favorite locations: Grandma and Grandpa‘s house.

This goes to show that the perfect location for your session is your own backyard.

I followed this family around as they played ice cream shop in the playhouse, tended to their garden, and sang songs while playing the ukulele. Enjoy their session photos below: 


Rachael Thompson

Beestone Creative Co.



Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Rachael, a family and motherhood photographer dedicated to capturing warm, candid moments for sentimental mamas. 

Inspired by my own journey as a mother, I've made it my mission to document the unique beauty found in everyday moments that often go unnoticed. From the silly smiles to the gentle way your newborn wraps their hand around your finger, my lens exists to transform those everyday moments into extraordinary memories.

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