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5 baby shower gift ideas for the mama-to-be

You’ve been invited to a baby shower, and now it’s time to come up with the perfect gift. Here I’ve listed a few baby shower gift ideas that the mama-to-be is sure to love.

mama to be in milk bath

1. A Mama Self-Care Kit

Self-care items were one of the most memorable gifts I received at my baby shower. I got a bath bomb, face masks, and body lotions. You could also include a candle, lip balm, and cozy socks. Anything to help the soon-to-be mom relax and take some time for herself.

2. A Professional Photo Session

autumn maternity photoshoot

Give the gift of memories! There’s a high chance that the soon-to-be mama is interested in a photoshoot, whether it’s her maternity session or a newborn session. Here at Beestone, I offer gift certificates that can be used for any session, and you can also gift any amount you’d like.

Please email me at to purchase a gift certificate today!

3. Think Sentimental

Is the soon-to-be mom a sentimental person? I am, so when I received a Christmas ornament with my baby’s due date, I could barely hold back tears. Etsy is a great place to browse sentimental gifts; if you are creative, you could make something for the mama-to-be. My sister used her Cricut to make a onesie that said, “Cousin Crew.”

moody maternity photoshoot

4. Gift Cards

I love receiving gift cards. For me, it’s the gift of shopping and getting what I want or need. Think of what the soon-to-be mama likes and where she shops. There’s a high chance she won’t want to cook once her baby is here, so you could get gift cards to her favorite restaurants. Where does she like to shop? She’ll likely be running out last minute to grab a few baby essentials. Gift cards to Target, Amazon, or her local grocery store could be a big help.

5. Buy from Mama to-be's registry

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I recommend buying directly from the registry. The registry was created for a reason, and the mama-to-be took time to put it together. She’s done the research and knows exactly what she needs for her new baby. Take the time to browse her registry.

Most gifts I received at my shower included an item from my registry and a surprise item like a sentimental gift or a gift card. No matter what you decide to get the mama-to-be, know that she will be so appreciative that you came to her baby shower and showed her some love.

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Rachael Thompson

Beestone Creative Co.



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