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A unique gender reveal photo session in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania

family of three

It was a crisp autumn morning in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. When Rivka and her family arrived for their unique gender reveal session, the sun was making its way over the mountain and through the trees.

pregnant woman

Rivka stepped out of the car, wearing a beautiful white linen dress. A dress she hand-sewed herself! Her husband and daughter were dressed to impress, and the outfit coordination was stunning.

We made our way into the field and started their maternity session. Not only was this a maternity session, but this family didn't know the gender of their baby yet! Halfway through the session, they handed me an envelope, and Rivka pulled out two bouquets of daisies. One set was dyed pink. The other was dyed blue. I had Mom and Dad turn away as I opened the envelope to reveal the baby's gender. A BOY! I handed the blue bouquet to their daughter and had her reveal the news to her awaiting parents.

I held back tears as I watched the excitement come over their faces as they turned and looked down at their daughter holding the flowers.

unique gender reveal

It is such an honor to share and capture these moments with families.

Each family's story is unique and deserves to be shared in a memorable way.

That is my promise as a photographer: to take the time to tell your story in a way that captures who you and your family are together.

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Rachael Thompson

Beestone Creative Co.



Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Rachael, a family and motherhood photographer dedicated to capturing warm, candid moments for sentimental mamas. 

Inspired by my own journey as a mother, I've made it my mission to document the unique beauty found in everyday moments that often go unnoticed. From the silly smiles to the gentle way your newborn wraps their hand around your finger, my lens exists to transform those everyday moments into extraordinary memories.

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